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As a business owner you would know that most people tend to not visit Google’s second page. So the changes are, if your website in lingering on page 2, or 3, or perhaps even worse, prospective customers aren’t likely to find you. This is particularly the case with local searches. People want to buy from local businesses and with 10 website listings per page, your business needs to be at the top of Google.

Most business owners that approach us about our Local SEO Services have a loyal tribe of customers who frequently buy from them. However, often we hear that this volume of foot traffic is good, but isn’t enough to sustain their business, or they are having trouble attracting new customers. Local SEO marketing is not rocket science, but it is a process that needs to be done right, by an Local SEO Firm that are experts in what they do.

In addition, Google has a time element built into their algorithm which won’t let your business shoot from page 3 to position number 1 in a matter of weeks. Google needs time to consider any updates to your website or Google My Business listing, and compare it to the businesses that rank higher than yours. Getting more elements correct, ticks more boxes for Google, and therefore overtime you will see results. We have a proven track record of giving Google exactly what they want to see, which is why our clients love working with us and they enjoy the results that we achieve for their businesses.

Why Your Business Needs A Local SEO Expert

So how do you stand out from the crowd? It’s not good luck or magic or even spending more on advertising. It’s implementing good high quality Local SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques.

Why Clients Love Using Our Local SEO Professionals

  • We have a team of people who are by nature, highly competitive and are results orientated people.
  • Upfront pricing with no hidden charges.

  • We keep you up to date and use plain English, without jargon, to explain our approach and actions.

  • Our clients receive great personal attention. Our team are always available via phone or email to discuss your projects and campaigns.

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