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If you a traddie or operate a service-based business then you know that leads and phone calls coming into your business are everything.

Whether you are starting a new business, have only been getting leads from social media posts, or are an owner looking to revamp your website…Then this is something you are going to want to hear.

Your business website is an asset, just like your ute or tools, so it needs the same attention to deliver results.

When you understand this then you know that your website delivers you:

  1. Leads, calls, and new business opportunities
  2. It becomes a revenue-generating machine
  3. You get a stead-flow of customers that are ready to buy

A great website works for you 24/7 and without taking coffee breaks or days off.

Your website is like having a dedicated online salesman without the wage bill.

Not all websites are the same.

You will know this when looking for services and products on the internet. You will know when you find a website (an online salesperson) that connects with you and where the business seems to know exactly how to describe its services while seeming to be the industry expert.

This is no fluke or wizardry, instead, the website has engaging content, that is informative and persuades potential clients to take the action you want. This is what gets results and generates new leads on autopilot.

Gone are the days when a basic website would do the job.

When creating a website, most so-called website design experts focus on their branding and the look and feel of the design. Unfortunately, nice website colours, a fancy logo, boring content filled with jargon, and cute graphics won’t do much to engage a potential customer. This especially won’t make your website stand out and convince Google that they should put your website ahead of 100’s of your competitors on a Google search.

But here is the truth, while branding and the overall website design are important shouldn’t be the main focus. Branding and a nice website design do not make customers stand up and take notice and say to themselves “wow this company knows what they are talking about and are someone who I could trust”.

You need a website that converts visitors into potential customers and drives leads to your business.

You know that your business either grows or dies based on the number of appointments, calls, or leads that you generate. We like to think of it as the leads are the lifeblood of your business and sales are the oxygen that your business breathes.

So without sales coming into your business, there is no oxygen, and your business quickly begins to suffocate under the weight of expenses – No sales, means No business, Period.

Therefore it is a no-brainer that your website must be built in a way that attracts enough leads so you can generate sales and revenue. However, most business owners completely ignore this. They trust web designers with good design skills but have zero real-world marketing experience. The results are typically a great-looking website, but generates zero leads as the website is not optimised to appear on Google searches and the content doesn’t engage with visitors enough to take action and contact your business.

You can have a professional-looking website that is also a lead magnet for your business.

When your website is more than a fancy digital brochure hidden away on a Google search, it becomes an asset that you can leverage for business growth. Instead of having a website that is like a sports car without an engine, and pouring money down the drain, you need to engage an agency that develops great website designs, who knows how to write engaging content with calls to action, and is a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) expert.

No matter whether you need a brand new website, or want a revamp of your existing website, let our team SHOW you how it is possible to combine great-looking website designs with powerful SEO optimisation to deliver excellent results.

Go with a friendly, reliable, and expert team that you can trust

As your website is an extension of your sales team and a key asset of your business, you don’t want to leave it to anyone to build or enhance your website.

As you can understand, having a team of staff that can deliver high-quality lead generation websites that are fully optimized for search engines like Google, Bing etc combined with an excellent reputation for customer care and service is quite rare. We are proud of the websites that we have delivered to clients for more 10 years and their feedback has been amazing.

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Over the last 6 months, we have spent time upskilling existing staff under the guidance of our experts. These staff have been trained in both website design and SEO and have been mentored on several of our internal website projects. They have passed everything that we have given to them with flying colours. So with a proven skillset, they are now ready to take the next step of managing their client base.

So as an exclusive offer and for a limited time, we are offering traddies and service-based business owners a significant discount on new website designs.

This is perfect for business owners who provide a service.

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As business owner you understand the importance of having a website that showcases your products and services. You may also know that 80% of people searching on Google don’t look beyond the first page of the search results. This makes ranking your website at the top of the search engines extremely important.

Gone are the days of having a website design that is no more than a pretty brochure online. Today’s online marketing can be fierce, so hoping that customers will stumble upon your website and then call you, or adopting a ‘set-up and forget’ mentality will quickly see your business fail online. Instead, your website must be highly relevant to potential customers, establish you as the authority business in your niche and engage the website visitor encouraging them to take action. But how do you do this?

With a decade of experience building websites that are fully optimised to rank high in the search engines. We know how to design and create SEO friendly websites that convey your business as the experts in your industry, engage potential clients while building trust, and drive leads directly to your business. We not only create appealing and eye-catching websites, but we can guarantee that your potential clients be more engaged and will pay more attention to your website.

Need more leads or higher website conversion rates?

Our talented team do this everyday of the week. Get the most out of your website by reaching out to us today!


How We Increase Leads To Your Business

Everything we do whether it be building a new website, revamping an existing one, local online marketing or implementing customised SEO campaigns that actually work, 100% of our efforts is focused on bring qualified leads to your business.

Let’s start Now!

We can turn your website design into a lead generation machine.